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Community Discount Card Fundraiser with TK Fundraising

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Discount Cards

Discount cards are a great fundraiser!

Valu Card programs appeal to parents groups because they are simple, the sales cycle is short and the gross profit is high. For many parent groups, value cards are a huge success.

It's easy to get started, just sign the contract, and fill out a wish list. Choose your favorite restaurants, shops and businesses from our merchant wish list. Then we arrange discounts with your favorite selections. We do not start getting the merchants lined up to go on your card until you actually place the order.

Cards come in white . Front has two color design with logos, mascot, etc. One color on back of card with up to 18 business offers. No design or set up fees.

We contact the businesses and get all the offers for you. There is no shipping or handling fee.

There is a LOW 100 card minimum. Cards are personalized, and therefore are not returnable. Normal delivery is 4-5 weeks. You must provide your artwork in jpg or gif file.

Your cost is as follows:
100-299 cards your cost is $7.50 , recommend you sell for $15 each (50% profit)

300-499 cards your cost is $6 per card and recommend you sell for $12 per card (50% profit)

500-999 cards , your cost $5, recommend you sell for $10(50% profit)

1000-1999 cards, your cost $4.50, recommend you sell for $10 ea(55% profit)

2000-2999 cards, your cost is $4 ea, recommend you sell for $10 each(60% profit)

3000-4999 cards, your cost $3.75, recommend you sell for $10 each(62.5% profit)

5000-9999 cards, your cost $3.50, recommend you sell for $10 each(65% profit)

Call for orders 10,000 or more cards.

Cards must be prepaid and there are no refunds on personalized items.

Send artwork to tkfundraising1@yahoo.com

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Cards are personalized. All personalized items are nonreturnable. Please forward artwork to tkfundraising1@yahoo.com




Price per Unit

100 to 299


300 to 499


500 to 999


1000 to 1999


2000 to 2999


3000 to 4999


5000 to 9999



NOTE: Orders shipped only with the 48 contiguous United States. For orders to Alaska or Hawaii, please call to place your order.

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