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Candles, Candles, Candles, Candle fundraisers with TK Fundraising

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Candle Collection Brochure Fundraiser

Looking for a great candle brochure fundraiser?

This 4 page candle brochure features heavy scented traditional candles in lots of different styles. All candles are MADE IN USA. Prices range from $9- $20.

Low $250 minimum order. Free shipping n handling.

To see the entire brochure, just click the link underneath the thumbnail image to the right.

If your total order is at least $2500 then you make 50% profit. If your total order falls below $2500 then you make 40% profit

You get free shipping with $250 minimum order. Normal delivery is around 2 weeks. All candles made in USA.

If you decide you want to do start this particular program, just click the link to the right and print out the BROCHURE RESERVATION FORM. Just fill it out and fax it in and we will send the brochures and order forms right out to you. We do not charge for brochures to those groups that place an order.

If you have a question or need additional info on any of our programs, just fill out the INFO request form below and someone will be in touch with you.

When you are done with your fundraiser, just send in the top copies of the order forms along with a check with your payment. All orders must be prepaid. You keep your portion and just send in the amount owed.

Need More Information? Fill out the form below.

NOTE: If you are ready to start your fundraiser, please click the link under "READY TO START" to the right in order to print and fill out the required form.


Click link to view entire brochure


Do you have questions or need more information to decide? Click here to request more information.


Are you ready to start your order taker fundraiser? Click here to submit your request instantly online. We will process your request and your group will be able to begin taking orders ASAP.